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of, pertaining to, endowed with, or affecting the sense of touch.
perceptible to the touch; tangible.
of, relating to, affecting, or having a sense of touch: a tactile organ, tactile stimuli
(rare) capable of being touched; tangible

tactile tac·tile (tāk’təl, -tīl’)

Perceptible to the sense of touch; tangible.

Used for feeling.

Of, relating to, or proceeding from the sense of touch; tactual.

(tāk’təl, tāk’tīl’)
Used for or sensitive to touch.


Read Also:

  • Tactile anesthesia

    tactile anesthesia n. Loss or impairment of the sense of touch.

  • Tactile disk

    tactile disk n. A cup-shaped tactile nerve ending that is in contact with a single modified epithelial cell. Also called Merkel’s corpuscle, tactile meniscus.

  • Tactile fremitus

    tactile fremitus n. The vibration felt by a hand placed on a chest during vocal fremitus.

  • Tactile-hair

    noun 1. any highly sensitive hair of an animal, as the whiskers of a cat or hairs on a hedgehog’s snout. tactile hair A hair or hairlike structure that is highly sensitive to pressure or touch. Tactile hairs help organisms sense their environment. They cover the bodies of most insects and are found in many […]

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