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Tag name

generic identifier


Read Also:

  • Tagore

    noun 1. Sir Rabindranath [ruh-been-druh-naht] /rəˈbin drəˌnɑt/ (Show IPA), 1861–1941, Indian poet: Nobel prize 1913. noun 1. Rabindranath (rəˈbiːndrəˌnɑːt). 1861–1941, Indian poet and philosopher. His verse collections, written in Bengali and English, include Gitanjali (1910; 1912): Nobel prize for literature 1913

  • Tag-question

    noun, Grammar. 1. Also called tag. a short interrogative structure appended to a statement or command, as isn’t it in It’s raining, isn’t it?, are you in You’re not going, are you?, or German nicht wahr. 2. a question formed by appending such a structure to a declarative sentence or command, often inviting confirmation or […]

  • Tagrag

    noun 1. riffraff; rabble. 2. a tatter.

  • Tagrag-and-bobtail

    or tag, rag, and bobtail noun 1. ragtag and bobtail. ragtag and bobtail or rag, tag, and bobtail; tagrag and bobtail noun 1. the riffraff; rabble: The ragtag and bobtail of every nation poured into the frontier in search of gold.

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