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an administrative division of a zila in certain states in India


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  • Tahsildar

    noun 1. (in India) a collector for, or official of, the revenue department. noun 1. the officer in charge of the collection of revenues, etc, in a tahsil

  • Tahtim-hodshi

    the land of the newly inhabited, (2 Sam. 24:6). It is conjectured that, instead of this word, the reading should be, “the Hittites of Kadesh,” the Hittite capital, on the Orontes. It was apparently some region east of the Jordan and north of Gilead.

  • Tai

    noun, plural tai. 1. any of several sparoid fishes of the Pacific Ocean, as Pagrus major (red tai) a food fish of Japan. noun 1. a group of languages spoken in SE Asia, including Thai, Lao, and Shan. 2. Thai. adjective 3. of, relating to, or characteristic of Tai. 4. Thai. adjective, noun 1. a […]

  • Taiaha

    noun 1. (NZ) a carved weapon in the form of a staff, now used in Māori ceremonial oratory

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