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Tail out

(transitive, adverb) to guide (timber) as it emerges from a power saw


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  • Tailpiece

    noun 1. a piece added at the end; an end piece or appendage. 2. Printing. a small decorative design at the end of a chapter or at the bottom of a page. 3. (in a musical instrument of the viol family) a triangular piece of wood, usually of ebony, to which the lower ends of […]

  • Tailpipe

    noun 1. an exhaust pipe located at the rear of a motor vehicle or aircraft powered by an internal-combustion engine. noun 1. a pipe from which the exhaust gases from an internal-combustion engine are discharged, esp the terminal pipe of the exhaust system of a motor vehicle tailgate party

  • Tailplane

    noun 1. a small horizontal wing at the tail of an aircraft to provide longitudinal stability Also called (esp US) horizontal stabilizer

  • Tail-plane

    noun, Aeronautics (chiefly British) . 1. horizontal stabilizer.

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