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the board or gate at the back of a wagon, truck, station wagon, etc., which can be removed or let down for convenience in loading or unloading.
verb (used without object), tailgated, tailgating.
to follow or drive hazardously close to the rear of another vehicle.
verb (used with object), tailgated, tailgating.
to follow or drive hazardously close to the rear of (another vehicle).
pertaining to or set up on a tailgate:
a tailgate picnic before the football game.
noun, Jazz.
a style of playing the trombone, especially in Dixieland jazz, distinguished especially by the use of melodic counterpoint and long glissandi.
another name for tailboard
a door at the rear of a hatchback vehicle
to drive very close behind (a vehicle)


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    noun 1. a person who drives hazardously close to the rear of another moving vehicle. 2. a person who participates in a tailgate picnic. noun 1. a musician who plays trombone in tailgate style.

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