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a city in S Yemen.


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  • Taizhong

    noun, Pinyin. 1. Taichung.

  • Taizhou

    noun, Pinyin. 1. a city in central Jiangsu province, in E China.

  • Taj

    noun 1. a high, conical cap worn in Muslim countries. noun 1. a tall conical cap worn as a mark of distinction by Muslims

  • Tajik

    noun, plural Tajiks (especially collectively) Tajik for 1. 1. a member of a people living mainly in Tadzhikistan, as well as parts of Afghanistan and China. 2. Also, Tajiki [tah-ji-kee, tah-jee-] /ˈtɑ dʒɪ ki, tɑˈdʒi-/ (Show IPA). the Iranian language spoken by the Tajiks, closely related to Persian but in Tadzhikistan written in the Cyrillic […]

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