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Take a load off

take a knee


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  • Take-along

    adjective, Informal. 1. intended or suitable for taking along, as on a trip: take-along snacks for long car trips. 2. sized, built, or adapted to be carried easily; portable: a take-along TV set. noun 3. something that is or can be taken along or carried.

  • Take a look at

    Turn your attention to, examine, as in Take a look at that new building , or The doctor took a look at Gene’s throat and swollen glands . For a synonym, see take a gander at

  • Take a meet

    take a meet

  • Take an interest

    1. Be concerned or curious, as in She really takes an interest in foreign affairs, or I wish he’d take an interest in classical music. 2. Share in a right to or ownership of property or a business, as in He promised to take an interest in the company as soon as he could afford […]

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