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able or seemingly able to take charge:
She is a take-charge management type.


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  • Take doing

    Require considerable effort, as in It’ll take doing to get the whole house painted in a week. This expression sometimes is put as take some doing, as in You want the President to come? That’ll take some doing! [ First half of 1900s ]

  • Takedown

    adjective 1. made or constructed so as to be easily dismantled or disassembled. 2. Finance. takeout (def 8). noun 3. the act of taking down. 4. a firearm designed to be swiftly disassembled or assembled. 5. the point of separation of two or more of the parts of a takedown firearm or other device. 6. […]

  • Take down a notch

    Also, take down a peg . Deflate or humble someone, as in He’s so arrogant that I wish someone would take him down a notch , or That defeat took them down a peg . Both notch and peg in this idiom allude to a series, the former of indentations, the latter of knobs, used […]

  • Take exception to

    Disagree with, object to, as in I take exception to that remark about unfair practices. This idiom, first recorded in 1542, uses exception in the sense of “objection,” a meaning obsolete except in a few phrases.

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