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Take names

take one’s medicine


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  • Take-no-prisoners

    [teyk-noh-priz-uh-nerz, ‐priz-nerz] /ˈteɪkˌnoʊˈprɪz ə nərz, ‐ˈprɪz nərz/ adjective 1. wholeheartedly aggressive; zealous; gung-ho: a businessman with a take-no-prisoners attitude toward dealmaking. taken

  • Take no shit

    take names

  • Take note

    Also, take notice. Pay attention, as in Take note, not one man here is wearing a tie, or The aide took notice of the boys throwing spitballs and reported them. An antonym is take no notice of, meaning “ignore,” as in Take no notice of them and they’ll stop teasing you. [ Late 1500s ]

  • Take notes

    Also, make notes. Record one’s observations or what one hears in order to help recall them later. For example, Jim never takes notes in class and I think he’ll regret it, or The decorator made notes of window measurements and other dimensions. [ Mid-1500s ]

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