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Take sick

see: get sick


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  • Take someone at his or her word

    Also, take someone’s word for. Accept what someone says on trust, as in Since he said he’d agree to any of my ideas, I’ll take him at his word, or She said she wanted to help out and I took her word for it. This idiom appeared in Miles Coverdale’s translation of the Bible: “He […]

  • Take someone down a peg

    take care of business

  • Take someone for a ride

    take one’s finger out take someone for a ride 1. Cheat or deliberately mislead someone, as in Car salesmen will take you for a ride in more ways than one! [ ; c. 1920 ] 2. Murder someone, as in The gang threatened to take him for a ride. [ ; 1920 ]

  • Take someone in

    take heat take someone in see: take in , def. 5.

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