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Take up space

Also, take up room or time . See take up , def. 6.


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  • Take up where one left off

    see: take up , def. 7.

  • Take with a grain of slat

    see: with a grain of salt

  • Takin

    noun 1. a mountain-dwelling bovid, Budorcas taxicolor, native to the eastern Himalayas, China, and northern Burma, that resembles a cross between a goat and a musk ox. noun 1. a massive bovid mammal, Budorcas taxicolor, of mountainous regions of S Asia, having a shaggy coat, short legs, and horns that point backwards and upwards

  • Taking

    noun 1. the act of a person or thing that takes. 2. the state of being taken. 3. something that is taken. 4. an action by the federal government, as a regulatory ruling, that imposes a restriction on the use of private property for which the owner must be compensated. 5. takings, receipts, especially of […]

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