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(in Afghanistan) a member of the Taliban


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  • Talebearer

    noun 1. a person who spreads gossip, secrets, etc., that may cause trouble or harm.

  • Talent

    noun 1. a special natural ability or aptitude: a talent for drawing. 2. a capacity for achievement or success; ability: young men of talent. 3. a talented person: The cast includes many of the theater’s major talents. 4. a group of persons with special ability: an exhibition of watercolors by the local talent. 5. Movies […]

  • Talented

    adjective 1. having talent or special ability; gifted.

  • Talent-scout

    noun 1. a person whose business it is to recognize and recruit persons of marked aptitude for a certain field or occupation, especially in entertainment or sports. talent scout noun 1. a person whose occupation is the search for talented artists, sportsmen, performers, etc, for engagements as professionals

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