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lex talionis.
the system or legal principle of making the punishment correspond to the crime; retaliation


Read Also:

  • Taliped

    adjective 1. (of a foot) twisted or distorted out of shape or position. 2. (of a person) clubfooted. noun 3. a taliped person or animal. adjective 1. (pathol) having a club foot noun 2. a club-footed person taliped tal·i·ped (tāl’ə-pěd’) adj. Having a clubfoot; clubfooted. n. A person with a clubfoot.

  • Talipedic

    talipedic tal·i·ped·ic (tāl’ə-pěd’ĭk, -pē’dĭc) adj. Having a clubfoot or clubfeet.

  • Talipes

    noun 1. a clubfoot. 2. the condition of being clubfooted. noun 1. a congenital deformity of the foot by which it is twisted in any of various positions 2. a technical name for club foot talipes tal·i·pes (tāl’ə-pēz’) n. See clubfoot.

  • Talipes calcaneovalgus

    talipes calcaneovalgus talipes cal·ca·ne·o·val·gus (kāl-kā’nē-ō-vāl’gəs) n. A congenital deformity that is a combination of talipes calcaneus and talipes valgus, marked by a dorsiflexed, everted, and abducted foot.

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