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Talipes planus

talipes planus talipes pla·nus (plā’nəs)
See flatfoot.


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  • Talipes valgus

    talipes valgus talipes val·gus (vāl’gəs) n. A deformity resulting in permanent eversion of the foot so that only the inner side of the sole rests on the ground.

  • Talipes varus

    talipes varus talipes var·us (vâr’əs) n. A deformity resulting in inversion of the foot so that only the outer side of the sole rests on the ground. Also called pes varus.

  • Talipomanus

    talipomanus tal·i·pom·a·nus (tāl’ə-pŏm’ə-nəs, -pō-mā’nəs, -mān’əs) n. A congenital or acquired deformity of the hand. Also called clubhand.

  • Talipot

    noun 1. a tall palm, Corypha umbraculifera, of southern India and Ceylon, having large fronds used for making fans and umbrellas, for covering houses, and in place of writing paper: also grown as an ornamental. noun 1. a palm tree, Corypha umbraculifera, of the East Indies, having large leaves that are used for fans, thatching […]

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