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Talk to

Also, give a talking to. Scold, reprimand, as in The teacher said he’d have to talk to Jeff after school, or Dad gave us both a good talking to. [ ; second half of 1800s ]


Read Also:

  • Talk to the hand

    interjection a statement used to dismiss someone or indicate you are not listening; also written tell it to the hand Examples You think I should spend time with you? Talk to the hand. Word Origin the hand being the symbol for ‘stop’ talk the talk and walk the walk

  • Talk until one is blue in the face

    talk to the hand

  • Talk up a storm

    talk up a storm

  • Talky

    adjective, talkier, talkiest. 1. having or containing superfluous or purposeless talk, conversation, or dialogue, especially so as to impede action or progress: a talky play that bored the audience. 2. inclined to talk a great deal; talkative. adjective talkier, talkiest 1. containing too much dialogue or inconsequential talk: a talky novel

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