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Talking shop

(informal) a group or committee that has discussions that never result in action


Read Also:

  • Talking-to

    noun, plural talking-tos. 1. a scolding. noun 1. (informal) a session of criticism, as of the work or attitude of a subordinate by a person in authority

  • Talk into

    verb 1. (transitive, preposition) to persuade to by talking: I talked him into buying the house Persuade, as in They talked me into going swimming with them. This idiom was first recorded in 1697. The antonym is talk out of, meaning “dissuade,” as in They tried to talk me out of going swimming. It is […]

  • Talk mode

    chat Using a talk system. E.g., “B1FF had me in talk mode for hours last night. I had to bring his box down just to get him to shut up.” The (1980s?) term now is as dated as talk itself which has been largely replaced by chat. [Jargon File] (1998-01-19)

  • Talk out of

    see under talk into ; also see out of turn , def. 2.

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