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the fatty tissue or suet of animals.
the harder fat of sheep, cattle, etc., separated by melting from the fibrous and membranous matter naturally mixed with it, and used to make candles, soap, etc.
any of various similar fatty substances:
vegetable tallow.
verb (used with object)
to smear with tallow.
a fatty substance consisting of a mixture of glycerides, including stearic, palmitic, and oleic acids and extracted chiefly from the suet of sheep and cattle: used for making soap, candles, food, etc
(transitive) to cover or smear with tallow


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    noun 1. a small tree, Sapium sebiferum, of the spurge family, cultivated in China and the tropics, having popcorn-shaped seeds with a waxy coating that is used for soap, candles, and oil.

  • Tallowy

    adjective 1. resembling tallow in consistency, color, etc.; fatty: a tallowy mass of moistened powder; tallowy skin.

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