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the cry of a participant at a hunt to encourage the hounds when the quarry is sighted
noun (pl) -hos
an instance of crying tally-ho
another name for a four-in-hand (sense 1)
verb -hos, -hoing, -hoed, -ho’d
(intransitive) to make the cry of tally-ho


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  • Tallying

    noun, plural tallies. 1. an account or reckoning; a record of debit and credit, of the score of a game, or the like. 2. Also called tally stick. a stick of wood with notches cut to indicate the amount of a debt or payment, often split lengthwise across the notches, the debtor retaining one piece […]

  • Tallyman

    noun, plural tallymen. 1. a person who tallies or keeps account of something. 2. British. a person who sells merchandise on the hire-purchase system. noun (pl) -men 1. a scorekeeper or recorder 2. (dialect) a travelling salesman for a firm specializing in hire-purchase

  • Tallys

    noun 1. Thomas, Tallis, Thomas. noun 1. Thomas, c1505–85, English organist and composer, especially of church music. noun 1. (Judaism) a fringed shawl worn by Jewish men during morning prayers noun 1. Thomas. ?1505–85, English composer and organist; noted for his music for the Anglican liturgy

  • Tally-sheet

    noun 1. a sheet for checking, counting, or scoring, as of cargo loaded or unloaded.

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