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verb (used without object)
to meddle, especially for the purpose of altering, damaging, or misusing (usually followed by with):
Someone has been tampering with the lock.
to make changes in something, especially in order to falsify (usually followed by with):
to tamper with official records.
to engage secretly or improperly in something.
to engage in underhand or corrupt dealings, especially in order to influence improperly (usually followed by with):
Any lawyer who tries to tamper with a jury should be disbarred.
verb (intransitive)
(usually foll by with) to interfere or meddle
to use corrupt practices such as bribery or blackmail
(usually foll by with) to attempt to influence or corrupt, esp by bribery: to tamper with the jury
a person or thing that tamps, esp an instrument for packing down tobacco in a pipe
a casing around the core of a nuclear weapon to increase its efficiency by reflecting neutrons and delaying the expansion


Read Also:

  • Tamperproof

    adjective 1. that cannot be tampered with; impervious to tampering: a tamper-proof lock.

  • Tamper-resistant

    [tam-per-ri-zis-tuh nt] /ˈtæm pər rɪˌzɪs tənt/ adjective 1. difficult to tamper with: a tamper-resistant cap on a medicine bottle. adjective designed to make improper opening of a product’s packaging difficult or impossible

  • Tampico

    noun 1. a seaport in SE Tamaulipas, in E Mexico. noun 1. a port and resort in E Mexico, in Tamaulipas on the Pánuco River: oil refining. Pop: 702 000 (2005 est)

  • Tampico-hemp

    noun 1. a stiff fiber obtained from the leaves of various species of Agave, as A. falcata or A. sisalana.

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