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United Republic of, former name of Tanzania.


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  • Tanganyikan

    noun 1. a former country in E Africa: formed the larger part of German East Africa; British trusteeship (Tanganyika Territory) 1946–61; became independent 1961; now the mainland part of Tanzania. 361,800 sq. mi. (937,062 sq. km). 2. Lake, a lake in central Africa, between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania: the longest freshwater […]

  • Tangata tiriti

    /ˈtɑːŋɡɑːtə ˈtiːriːtɪ/ noun 1. (NZ) a Māori term for non-Māori people

  • Tangata whenua

    /ˈtɑːŋɡɑːtə ˈfɛnʊːə/ noun 1. (NZ) the indigenous Māori people of a particular area of New Zealand or of the country as a whole

  • Tange

    noun 1. Kenzo. 1913–2005, Japanese architect. His buildings include the Kurashiki city hall (1960) and St Mary’s Cathedral in Tokyo (1962–64)

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