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Tank trap

any obstacle, such as a number of concrete stumps set in the ground, designed to stop a military tank


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  • Tank-truck

    noun 1. a truck with a tank body, suitable for transporting gases or liquids, as oil, gasoline, or milk, in bulk.

  • Tank wagon

    noun 1. a form of railway wagon carrying a tank for the transport of liquids

  • Tanna

    noun, plural tannaim [Sephardic Hebrew tah-nah-eem; Ashkenazic Hebrew, English tah-nah-im] /Sephardic Hebrew tɑ nɑˈim; Ashkenazic Hebrew, English tɑˈnɑ ɪm/ (Show IPA). (often initial capital letter) Judaism. 1. one of a group of Jewish scholars, active in Palestine during the 1st and 2nd centuries a.d., whose teachings are found chiefly in the Mishnah.

  • Tannage

    noun 1. the act or process of tanning leather. 2. the product of tanning; something that is tanned. noun 1. the act or process of tanning 2. a skin or hide that has been tanned

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