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a large receptacle, container, or structure for holding a liquid or gas:
tanks for storing oil.
a natural or artificial pool, pond, or lake.
Military. an armored, self-propelled combat vehicle, armed with cannon and machine guns and moving on a caterpillar tread.
Slang. a prison cell or enclosure for more than one occupant, as for prisoners awaiting a hearing.
tank top.
verb (used with object)
to put or store in a tank.
verb (used without object)
Slang. to do poorly or decline rapidly; fail:
The movie tanked at the box office.
Verb phrases
tank up,

to fill the gas tank of an automobile or other motor vehicle.
Slang. to drink a great quantity of alcoholic beverage, especially to intoxication.

go in / into the tank, Boxing Slang. to go through the motions of a match but deliberately lose because of an illicit prearrangement or fix; throw a fight.
in the tank, Slang.

failing, doing poorly, or declining:
His grades were in the tank last quarter.
favoring, colluding, or assisting in a partisan way (often followed by with or for):
The talk-show host was in the tank with the Green Party.

a large container or reservoir for the storage of liquids or gases: tanks for storing oil

an armoured combat vehicle moving on tracks and armed with guns, etc, originally developed in World War I
(as modifier): a tank commander, a tank brigade

(Brit & US, dialect) a reservoir, lake, or pond

a light-tight container inside which a film can be processed in daylight, the solutions and rinsing waters being poured in and out without light entering
any large dish or container used for processing a number of strips or sheets of film

(slang, mainly US)

a jail
a jail cell

Also called tankful. the quantity contained in a tank
(Austral) a dam formed by excavation
(transitive) to put or keep in a tank
(intransitive) to move like a tank, esp heavily and rapidly
(slang) to defeat heavily
(intransitive) (informal) to fail, esp commercially
In addition to the idiom beginning with tank


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