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Chemistry. of, relating to, or derived from tan or tannin.
(of wine) having an astringent taste imparted by the presence of tannin.
of, relating to, containing, or produced from tan, tannin, or tannic acid

tannic tan·nic (tān’ĭk)
Of, relating to, or obtained from tannin.


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    noun 1. (South African) a title of respect used to refer to an elderly woman

  • Tanniferous

    adjective 1. containing much tannin; yielding tannin.

  • Tannin

    noun 1. Chemistry. any of a group of astringent vegetable principles or compounds, chiefly complex glucosides of catechol and pyrogallol, as the reddish compound that gives the tanning properties to oak bark or the whitish compound that occurs in large quantities in nutgalls (common tannin, tannic acid) 2. any of these compounds occurring in wine […]

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