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noun, Botany.
a main root descending downward from the radicle and giving off small lateral roots.
the large single root of plants such as the dandelion, which grows vertically downwards and bears smaller lateral roots
(tāp’rt’, -rt’)

The main root in gymnosperms, eudicotyledons, and magnoliids, usually stouter than the lateral roots and growing straight downward from the stem. The taproot develops from the primary root. The taproot and its lateral roots penetrate deeper into the soil than the fibrous roots characteristic of monocotyledons. Compare fibrous root.

taproot definition

The single deep root of many deciduous trees that forms the basis for their root systems.

Note: Figuratively, a “taproot” is the source of an idea or work: “His childhood in Wales is the taproot of his poetry.”


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