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Tape echo

a means of delaying the repeat of a sound by adjusting the time lapse between the recording and playback heads of a tape recorder Also called tape slap


Read Also:

  • Tape-editing

    noun 1. the process of putting the various segments of a master video or audio tape into a predetermined sequence: usually done electronically.

  • Tape-grass

    noun 1. a freshwater plant, Vallisneria spiralis, that has long, ribbonlike leaves and grows under water. noun 1. any of several submerged freshwater plants of the genus Vallisneria, esp V. spiralis, of warm temperate regions, having ribbon-like leaves: family Hydrocharitaceae

  • Tape head

    hardware The electromagnetic component in a magnetic tape drive which reads and writes magnetic tape as it passes over it. Tape heads need to be cleaned periodically to remove the oxide particles which accumulate on them and can lead to errors. (1997-03-12)

  • Tape-machine

    noun 1. a tape recorder. tape machine noun 1. another word for tape recorder 2. a telegraphic receiving device that records messages electronically or on ticker tape US equivalent ticker

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