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noun, plural tapeta
[tuh-pee-tuh] /təˈpi tə/ (Show IPA)
Botany. a layer of cells often investing the archespore in a developing sporangium and absorbed as the spores mature.
Anatomy, Zoology. any of certain membranous layers or layered coverings, as in the choroid of the eyes of certain animals.
noun (pl) -ta (-tə)
a layer of nutritive cells in the sporangia of ferns and anthers of flowering plants that surrounds developing spore cells

a membranous reflecting layer of cells in the choroid of the eye of nocturnal vertebrates
a similar structure in the eyes of certain nocturnal insects

(anatomy) a covering layer of cells behind the retina of the eye

tapetum ta·pe·tum (tə-pē’təm)
n. pl. ta·pe·ta (-tə)

A membranous layer or region, especially the iridescent membrane of the choroid of certain mammals.

A layer of fibers of the corpus callosum forming the roof of part of the lateral ventricle of the brain.


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