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a food substance prepared from cassava in granular, flake, pellet (pearl tapioca) or flour form, used in puddings, as a thickener, etc.
a beadlike starch obtained from cassava root, used in cooking as a thickening agent, esp in puddings


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  • Tapioca-plant

    [tap-ee-oh-kuh-plant, -plahnt] /ˌtæp iˈoʊ kəˌplænt, -ˌplɑnt/ noun 1. the cassava, Manihot esculenta.

  • Tapioca-snow

    noun 1. snow pellets.

  • Tapioca tea

    noun See bubble tea See pearl tea

  • Tapir

    noun, plural tapirs (especially collectively) tapir. 1. any of several large, stout, three-toed ungulates of the family Tapiridae, of Central and South America, the Malay Peninsula, and Sumatra, somewhat resembling swine and having a long, flexible snout: all species are threatened or endangered. noun (pl) -pirs, -pir 1. any perissodactyl mammal of the genus Tapirus, […]

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