Arthur, 1786–1865, and his brother Lewis, 1788–1873, U.S. businessmen, philanthropists, and abolitionists.
Historical Examples

He made choice of the profession of law, and commenced the study under Tappan Reeve of Elizabethtown.
Beacon Lights of History, Volume XI John Lord

It may be said that Dr. Tappan possessed the defects of his qualities.
The University of Michigan Wilfred Shaw

The heights above Tappan Zee at this point are crowned by fine residences, and the village is one of the pleasantest on the river.
The Hudson Wallace Bruce

Tobin then beheaded the two and took the heads to Colonel Tappan.
Old Fort Garland James T. Forrest

Mr. Tappan was also instructed to secure, if possible, the attendance of the principal Crow chiefs.
The Life of Isaac Ingalls Stevens, Volume II (of 2) Hazard Stevens

Mr. Tappan died March 25, 1871, in the ninetieth year of his age.
Charles Sumner; his complete works, volume 7 (of 20) Charles Sumner

“I am sorry I was rude in my last letter,” she said gravely, turning to Mr. Tappan.
The Danger Mark Robert W. Chambers

British spy, captured near Tarrytown, and hanged near Tappan.
The Spy J. Fenimore Cooper

Grey, vapory clouds swept over the Tappan Zee, and a sad, sighing wind tossed it into crests.
The Von Toodleburgs F. Colburn Adams

He had been covertly smoothing out Tappan’s crumpled newspaper.
The Debtor Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

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