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adjective, tardier, tardiest.
late; behind time; not on time:
How tardy were you today?
moving or acting slowly; slow; sluggish.
delaying through reluctance.
adjective -dier, -diest
occurring later than expected: tardy retribution
slow in progress, growth, etc: a tardy reader


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    TARDIS time and relative dimension in space

  • Tardive

    adjective 1. appearing or tending to appear late, as in human development or in the treatment of a disease. tardive tar·dive (tär’dĭv) adj. Having symptoms that develop slowly or that appear long after inception. Used of a disease.

  • Tardive cyanosis

    tardive cyanosis n. See cyanose tardive.

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    noun, Pathology. 1. a disorder characterized by restlessness and involuntary rolling of the tongue or twitching of the face, trunk, or limbs, usually occurring as a complication of long-term therapy with antipsychotic drugs. tardive dyskinesia n. A chronic disorder of the nervous system characterized by involuntary jerky movements of the face, tongue, jaws, trunk, and […]

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