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things are really fouled up
things are really fucked up


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  • Targa

    graphics, file format A graphics data format for bitmap images. It uses 24 bits per pixel and is a common output format for ray tracing programs. (1995-01-05)

  • Targa graphics adaptor

    graphics, file format (TGA) The Truevision Targa Graphics Adaptor file format. The TGA format is a common bitmap file format for storage of 24-bit images. It supports colourmaps, alpha channels, compression and comments. Filename extension: .tga. More information is available from Truevision (http://truevision.com/) and The Graphics File Format Page (http://dcs.ed.ac.uk/~mxr/gfx/). [What does it have to […]

  • Targe

    noun, Archaic. 1. a small, round shield; a target or buckler. noun 1. an archaic word for shield

  • Target

    noun 1. an object, usually marked with concentric circles, to be aimed at in shooting practice or contests. 2. any object used for this purpose. 3. anything fired at. 4. a goal to be reached. 5. an object of abuse, scorn, derision, etc.; butt. 6. Fencing. the portion of a fencer’s body where a touch […]

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