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Target audience


the intended group for which something is performed or marketed; the specific group to which advertising is directed

The target audience for the book is from young adults upward.


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  • Target cell

    target cell n. A red blood cell having a dark center surrounded by a light band that is itself encircled by a darker ring, and occurring in certain anemias and after splenectomy. A cell selectively affected by a particular agent, such as a virus, drug, or hormone.

  • Target-date

    noun 1. the date set or aimed at for the commencement, fulfillment, or completion of some effort: The target date for the book is next May.

  • Targeted

    noun 1. an object, usually marked with concentric circles, to be aimed at in shooting practice or contests. 2. any object used for this purpose. 3. anything fired at. 4. a goal to be reached. 5. an object of abuse, scorn, derision, etc.; butt. 6. Fencing. the portion of a fencer’s body where a touch […]

  • Targeteer

    noun 1. a soldier armed with a sword and buckler.

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