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of or relating to the tarsus of the foot.
pertaining to the tarsi of the eyelids.
a tarsal bone, joint, or the like.
of, relating to, or constituting the tarsus or tarsi
a tarsal bone

tarsal tar·sal (tär’səl)

Of, relating to, or situated near the tarsus of the foot.

Of or relating to the tarsus of the eyelid.

Adjective Relating to or involving the ankle.

Noun Any of the seven bones of the tarsus.


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  • Tarsal sinus

    tarsal sinus n. A hollow or canal formed by the groove of the talus and the groove of the calcaneus. Also called tarsal canal.

  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome

    tarsal tunnel syndrome n. A syndrome characterized by pain and numbness in the sole, caused by entrapment neuropathy of the posterior tibial nerve.

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