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[tahr-soh-met-uh-tahr-suh s] /ˌtɑr soʊˌmɛt əˈtɑr səs/
noun, plural tarsometatarsi
[tahr-soh-met-uh-tahr-sahy, -see] /ˌtɑr soʊˌmɛt əˈtɑr saɪ, -si/ (Show IPA). Ornithology.
the large bone in the lower leg of a bird with which the toe bones articulate, formed by the fusion of tarsal and metatarsal bones.
noun (pl) -si (-saɪ)
a bone in the lower part of a bird’s leg consisting of the metatarsal bones and some of the tarsal bones fused together


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    tarsophalangeal tar·so·pha·lan·ge·al (tär’sō-fə-lān’jē-əl, -fā-) adj. Of or relating to the tarsus and the phalanges.

  • Tarsophyma

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