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(Scot) a scarecrow


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  • Tattie-peelin

    /ˈtætɪˈpiːlɪn/ adjective 1. (Central Scot, dialect) (esp of speech) highfalutin, affected, or pretentious

  • Tatting

    noun 1. the act or process of making a kind of knotted lace of cotton or linen thread with a shuttle. 2. such lace. verb (used with or without object), tatted, tatting. 1. to do, or make by, tatting. noun 1. an intricate type of lace made by looping a thread of cotton or linen […]

  • Tattle

    verb (used without object), tattled, tattling. 1. to let out secrets. 2. to chatter, prate, or gossip. verb (used with object), tattled, tattling. 3. to utter idly; disclose by gossiping. noun 4. the act of tattling. 5. idle talk; chatter; gossip. verb 1. (intransitive) to gossip about another’s personal matters or secrets 2. (transitive) to […]

  • Tattletale

    noun 1. a talebearer or informer, especially among children. adjective 2. telltale; revealing: a tattletale smear of lipstick on his collar. noun (mainly US & Canadian) 1. a scandalmonger or gossip 2. another word for telltale (sense 1)

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