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noun, adjective

an economic policy in which taxes are increased in order to fund government spending

We would like the tax-and-spend Republicans to be voted out of office.
Usage Note

tax-and-spender n


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  • Taxation-without-representation

    noun, American History. 1. a phrase, generally attributed to James Otis about 1761, that reflected the resentment of American colonists at being taxed by a British Parliament to which they elected no representatives and became an anti-British slogan before the American Revolution; in full, “Taxation without representation is tyranny.”.

  • Tax avoidance

    noun 1. reduction or minimization of tax liability by lawful methods Compare tax evasion

  • Tax-bracket creep

    [taks-brak-it] /ˈtæksˌbræk ɪt/ noun 1. bracket creep.

  • Tax break

    tax break definition A special tax benefit given to promote specific economic or social objectives. For example, the U.S. government, having decided that individual home ownership is a boon to the economy, allows interest on a home mortgage to be subtracted, in whole or in part, from one’s taxable income. The resulting lower taxation for […]

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