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the act of .
the fact of being .
a imposed.
the revenue raised by .
Contemporary Examples

Not to suggest European taxation as a model for anything, but only as a warning: income taxes have their limit.
The Income Tax’s Limits David Frum December 17, 2012

This is in part because of the naive mental model that supply-siders tend to have about how taxation affects work effort.
Do Higher Taxes Make Us Work More, or Less? Megan McArdle October 14, 2012

In America, low turnout is the new black eye for a country founded on “no taxation without representation.”
Founding Fathers Loved Drunk Voters Kevin Bleyer October 31, 2014

And, also, there ought to be no other forms of taxation, like a national sales tax or a VAT tax or what have you.
Mark Levin’s Nutty Constitutional Convention Idea Michael Tomasky August 28, 2013

Taxes are an obvious benchmark, since right now, employed teenagers are literally subjected to taxation without representation.
Paying Taxes and Going to Jail Like Adults; Teens Deserve the Right to Vote, Too Jillian Keenan October 5, 2014

Historical Examples

But this discovery of the super-eminence of the onion-peeler in the matter of freedom from taxation instantly riveted attention.
Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 147, August 5th, 1914 Various

The temper of the stump speaker is not appropriate for dealing with taxation problems.
War Taxation Otto H. Kahn

Every dollar of taxation which the church is allowed to dodge is one dollar more laid on the shoulders of the honest taxpayers.
Exempting the Churches James F. Morton. Jr.

The structure of taxation should be harmonious and symmetrical.
Government Ownership of Railroads, and War Taxation Otto H. Kahn

Changes in taxation also had their part in the platform, with an idea of obtaining a decrease of the high export duties.
The History of Cuba, vol. 3 Willis Fletcher Johnson

the act or principle of levying taxes or the condition of being taxed

an amount assessed as tax
a tax rate

revenue from taxes

early 14c., “imposition of taxes,” from Anglo-French taxacioun, Old French taxacion, from Latin taxationem (nominative taxatio), noun of action from past participle stem of taxare (see tax (v.)).

A government’s practice of collecting money from citizens and businesses within its domain to support its operations.


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