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noun, plural taxonomies.
the science or technique of classification.
a classification into ordered categories:
a proposed taxonomy of educational objectives.
Biology. the science dealing with the description, identification, naming, and classification of organisms.

the branch of biology concerned with the classification of organisms into groups based on similarities of structure, origin, etc
the practice of arranging organisms in this way

the science or practice of classification

taxonomy tax·on·o·my (tāk-sŏn’ə-mē)

The classification of organisms in an ordered system that indicates natural relationships.

The science, laws, or principles of classification; systematics.


The scientific classification of organisms into specially named groups based either on shared characteristics or on evolutionary relationships as inferred from the fossil record or established by genetic analysis.
taxonomy [(tak-son-uh-mee)]

The classification of living things. (See Linnean classification.)


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