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A(lan) J(ohn) P(ercivale) 1906–90, English historian.
[bahy-erd,, bey-] /ˈbaɪ ərd,, ˈbeɪ-/ (Show IPA), (James Bayard) 1825–78, U.S. poet, novelist, and travel writer.
Brook, 1685–1731, English mathematician.
Cecil (Percival) born 1933, U.S. jazz pianist and composer.
Charles Ghankay, born 1948, Liberian guerrilla leader and politician: president 1997–2003.
David Watson, 1864–1940, U.S. naval architect.
Edward, 1644?–1729, American physician, clergyman, and poet; born in England.
Edward Thompson (“Father Taylor”) 1793–1871, U.S. Methodist clergyman.
Elizabeth, 1932–2011, U.S. actress, born in England to American parents.
Frederick Winslow, 1856–1915, U.S. industrial engineer.
Jeremy, 1613–67, English prelate and theological writer.
John W. 1784–1854, U.S. politician: Speaker of the House 1820–21, 1825–27.
(Joseph) Deems, 1885–1966, U.S. composer, music critic, and author.
Joseph Hooton, Jr, born 1941, U.S. astrophysicist: Nobel prize 1993.
Maxwell (Davenport) 1901–87, U.S. army general and diplomat: chief of staff 1955–59; chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff 1962–64.
Myron Charles, 1874–1959, U.S. lawyer, industrialist, and diplomat.
Paul (Belville)
[bel-vil] /ˈbɛl vɪl/ (Show IPA), born 1930, U.S. dancer and choreographer.
Peter (Hillsman)
[hilz-muh n] /ˈhɪlz mən/ (Show IPA), 1917–94, U.S. short-story writer, novelist, and playwright.
Robert Lewis, 1912–1998, U.S. biographer, humorist, and newspaperman.
Tom, 1817–80, English playwright and editor.
Zachary (“Old Rough and Ready”) 1784–1850, 12th president of the U.S. 1849–50: major general during the Mexican War and commander of the army of the Rio Grande 1846.
a city in SE Michigan.
a town in central Texas.
a male or female given name.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

Madge Morton’s Trust Amy D. V. Chalmers
Clotelle William Wells Brown
Abridgement of the Debates of Congress, from 1789 to 1856 (4 of 16 vol.) Various
A Journey to America in 1834 Robert Heywood
The Spruce Street Tragedy Irvin S. Cobb

A(lan) J(ohn) P(ercivale). 1906–90, British historian whose many works include The Origins of the Second World War (1961)
Brook. 1685–1731, English mathematician, who laid the foundations of differential calculus
Dame Elizabeth. 1932–2011, US film actress, born in England: films include National Velvet (1944), Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958), Suddenly Last Summer (1959), and Butterfield 8 (1960) and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966), for both of which she won Oscars
Frederick Winslow. 1856–1915, US engineer, who pioneered the use of time and motion studies to increase efficiency in industry
Jeremy. 1613–67, English cleric, best known for his devotional manuals Holy Living (1650) and Holy Dying (1651)
Zachary. 1784–1850, 12th president of the US (1849–50); hero of the Mexican War


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