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Tca cycle



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  • T-carrier system

    communications A series of wideband digital data transmission formats originally developed by the Bell System and used in North America and Japan. The basic unit of the T-carrier system is the DS0, which has a transmission rate of 64 Kbps, and is commonly used for one voice circuit. Originally the 1.544 megabit per second T1 […]

  • Tcas

    abbreviation 1. traffic collision avoidance system: a safety system in aircraft that is designed to prevent mid-air collisions

  • Tcb

    T 1 1. Trouble Came Back. 2. (Orange Book) Trusted Computing Base. 3. Task Control Block. [Jargon File] (1998-07-02) TCB 1. taking care of business 2. the trouble came back

  • Tcca

    TCCA Tin Container Collectors Association

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