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Tear off a piece



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  • Tearoom

    noun 1. a room or shop where tea and other refreshments are served to customers. noun 1. another name for teashop 2. (NZ) a room in a school or university where hot drinks are served tear off

  • Tearoom queen

    tear off a piece

  • Tea-rose

    noun, Horticulture. 1. any of several cultivated varieties of roses having a scent resembling that of tea. noun 1. any of several varieties of hybrid rose that are derived from Rosa odorata and have pink or yellow flowers with a scent resembling that of tea 2. a yellowish-pink colour (as adjective): tea-rose walls

  • Tear-out

    adjective 1. designed to be easily torn out, as from bound matter: a tear-out children’s section of games and puzzles.

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