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[teer-steynd] /ˈtɪərˌsteɪnd/
marked or wet with tears:
a tear-stained letter.
showing traces of tears or signs of having wept:
tear-stained cheeks.


Read Also:

  • Tear stone

    tear stone n. See dacryolith.

  • Tear-strip

    noun 1. a strip or string that is pulled to open a can, box, candy wrapper, etc.

  • Teary

    adjective, tearier, teariest. 1. of or like tears. 2. tearful. adjective tearier, teariest 1. characterized by, covered with, or secreting tears 2. given to weeping; tearful

  • Teary-eyed

    adjective 1. with tears welling up in one’s eyes: teary-eyed mourners.

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