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verb (used with object), tore or (Archaic) tare, torn or (Archaic) tare, tearing.
to pull apart or in pieces by force, especially so as to leave ragged or irregular edges.
Synonyms: rend, rip, rive.
Antonyms: mend, repair, sew.
to pull or snatch violently; wrench away with force:
to tear wrappings from a package; to tear a book from someone’s hands.
to distress greatly:
anguish that tears the heart.
Synonyms: break, crack, shatter, afflict.
to divide or disrupt:
a country torn by civil war.
Synonyms: disunite, split, splinter.
Antonyms: unite, reunite, join, bind.
to wound or injure by or as if by rending; lacerate.
Synonyms: cut, mangle, slash.
to produce or effect by rending:
to tear a hole in one’s coat.
to remove by force or effort:
to be unable to tear oneself from a place.
verb (used without object), tore or (Archaic) tare, torn or (Archaic) tare, tearing.
to become torn.
to make a tear or rent.
to move or behave with force, violent haste, or energy:
The wind tore through the trees; cars tearing up and down the highway; I was tearing around all afternoon trying to find sandals for the beach.
the act of tearing.
a rent or fissure.
Synonyms: rip, rift, rupture.
a rage or passion; violent flurry or outburst.
Informal. a spree.
Verb phrases
tear at,

to pluck violently at; attempt to tear:
She tore at the bandages until they loosened.
to distress; afflict:
remorse that tears at one’s soul.

tear down,

to pull down; destroy; demolish.
to disparage or discredit:
to tear down one’s friends behind their backs.

tear into, Informal.

to attack impulsively and heedlessly:
He tore into the food with a will.
to attack verbally:
She tore into him for being late for dinner.

tear off, Slang. to perform or do, especially rapidly or casually:
to tear off a poem; to tear off a set of tennis.
tear up,

to tear into small shreds:
He tore up the drawings because she had criticized them.
Synonyms: rip up.
to cancel or annul:
to tear up a contract.

tear it, Slang. to ruin all hope; spoil everything.
tear one’s hair, to manifest extreme anxiety, grief, anger, or frustration:
I’m so upset, I could just tear my hair out.
Also, tear one’s hair out.
a drop of the secretion of the lacrimal glands See tears
something shaped like a hanging drop: a tear of amber
verb tears, tearing, tore, torn
to cause (material, paper, etc) to come apart or (of material, etc) to come apart; rip
(transitive) to make (a hole or split) in (something): to tear a hole in a dress
(intransitive) often foll by along. to hurry or rush: to tear along the street
(transitive; usually foll by away or from) to remove or take by force
when intr, often foll by at. to cause pain, distress, or anguish (to): it tore at my heartstrings to see the starving child
(informal) tear one’s hair, to be angry, frustrated, very worried, etc
a hole, cut, or split
the act of tearing
a great hurry; rush
(slang) on a tear, showing a sudden burst of energy

tear 1 (târ)
A rip or rent in a material or structure.

tear 2 (tēr)
A drop of the clear salty liquid that is secreted by the lacrimal gland of the eye to lubricate the surface between the eyeball and eyelid and to wash away irritants.
A drop of the clear salty liquid secreted by glands (lacrimal glands) in the eyes. Tears wet the membrane covering the eye and help rid the eye of irritating substances.
tea pad
tear 2
tear 1


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