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any of several plants of the genus Dipsacus, having prickly leaves and flower heads.
Compare teasel family.
the dried flower head or bur of the plant D. fullonum, used for teasing or teaseling cloth.
any mechanical contrivance used for teaseling.
verb (used with object), teaseled, teaseling or (especially British) teaselled, teaselling.
to raise a nap on (cloth) with teasels; dress by means of teasels.
any of various stout biennial plants of the genus Dipsacus, of Eurasia and N Africa, having prickly leaves and prickly heads of yellow or purple flowers: family Dipsacaceae See also fuller’s teasel

the prickly dried flower head of the fuller’s teasel, used for teasing
any manufactured implement used for the same purpose

verb -sels, -selling, -selled (US) -sels, -seling, -seled
(transitive) to tease (a fabric)


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  • Teasel-family

    noun 1. the plant family Dipsacaceae, characterized by herbaceous plants having opposite or whorled leaves, dense flower heads surrounded by an involucre, and small, dry fruit, and including the scabious and teasel.

  • Teasel-gourd

    noun 1. a prickly-stemmed Arabian vine, Cucumis dipsaceus, of the gourd family, having burlike, bristly fruit.

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    verb 1. (transitive, adverb) to extract (information) with difficulty Lure out, obtain or extract with effort, as in We had a hard time teasing the wedding date out of him. This term alludes to the literal sense of tease, “untangle or release something with a pointed tool.” [ Mid-1900s ]

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