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[tek-noh-thril-er] /ˈtɛk noʊˌθrɪl ər/
a suspense novel in which the manipulation of sophisticated technology, as of aircraft or weapons systems, plays a prominent part.

See technothriller


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  • Technowizard

    noun a person who is extremely adept at using technology

  • Techref

    /tek’ref/ [MS-DOS] The original “IBM PC Technical Reference Manual”, including the BIOS listing and complete schematics for the PC. The only PC documentation in the issue package that’s considered serious by real hackers. [Jargon File]

  • Tech support

    noun See technical support

  • Techy

    adjective, techier, techiest. 1. tetchy. adjective, tetchier, tetchiest. 1. irritable; touchy. noun, adjective (pl) techies 1. (informal) a variant spelling of techie adjective techier, techiest 1. a variant spelling of tetchy adjective tetchier, tetchiest 1. being or inclined to be cross, irritable, or touchy test

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