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noun, plural technocracies for 2, 3.
a theory and movement, prominent about 1932, advocating control of industrial resources, reform of financial institutions, and reorganization of the social system, based on the findings of technologists and engineers.
a system of government in which this theory is applied.
any application of this theory.
noun (pl) -cies
a theory or system of society according to which government is controlled by scientists, engineers, and other experts
a body of such experts
a state considered to be governed or organized according to these principles
technocracy [(tek-nok-ruh-see)]

A type of society marked by the dominant role of people with specialized technical skills, particularly engineers.
technocracy [(tek-nok-ruh-see)]

The control of government and society by people with technical skills, especially engineers.


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  • Technocrat

    noun 1. a proponent, adherent, or supporter of technocracy. 2. a technological expert, especially one concerned with management or administration.

  • Technocratic

    [tek-nuh-krat-ik] /ˌtɛk nəˈkræt ɪk/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or designating a technocrat or technocracy.

  • Technofear

    noun 1. fear of using technological devices, such as computers; technophobia noun fear of technology or the effects of technological development; also called technophobia Usage Note computing

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    [tek-nog-ruh-fee] /tɛkˈnɒg rə fi/ noun 1. the description and study of the arts and sciences in their geographical and ethnic distribution and historical development. technography /tɛkˈnɒɡrəfɪ/ noun 1. the study and description of the historical development of the arts and sciences in the context of their ethnic and geographical background

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