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tectospinal tec·to·spi·nal (těk’tō-spī’nəl)
Or or relating to nerve fibers that pass from the tectum mesencephali to the spinal cord.


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  • Tectrix

    noun, plural tectrices [tek-truh-seez, tek-trahy-seez] /ˈtɛk trəˌsiz, tɛkˈtraɪ siz/ (Show IPA). Ornithology. 1. covert (def 8). noun (pl) tectrices (ˈtɛktrɪˌsiːz; tɛkˈtraɪsiːz) 1. (usually pl) (ornithol) another name for covert (sense 6)

  • Tectum

    noun, plural tectums, tecta [tek-tuh] /ˈtɛk tə/ (Show IPA). Anatomy, Zoology. 1. a rooflike structure. tectum tec·tum (těk’təm) n. pl. tec·ta (-tə) A rooflike structure of the body, especially the dorsal part of the mesencephalon. tec’tal (-təl) adj.

  • Tectum mesencephali

    tectum mesencephali tectum mes·en·ceph·a·li (měs’ěn-sěf’ə-lī’) n. See lamina tecti mesencephali.

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