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noun, Pathology.
habitual, purposeless clenching and grinding of the teeth, especially during sleep.


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  • Teething

    noun, Dentistry. 1. eruption of the deciduous teeth, especially the phenomena associated with their eruption. verb (used without object), teethed, teething. 1. to grow teeth; cut one’s teeth. verb 1. (intransitive) to cut one’s baby (deciduous) teeth teething teeth·ing (tē’ðĭng) n. The eruption or cutting of the teeth.

  • Teething-ring

    noun 1. a circular ring, usually of plastic, ivory, bone, etc., on which a teething baby can bite. teething ring noun 1. a plastic, hard rubber, or bone ring on which babies may bite while teething

  • Teething troubles

    plural noun 1. the difficulties or problems that arise during the initial stages of a project, enterprise, etc

  • Teethridge

    noun, Phonetics. 1. alveolar ridge. teethridge teeth·ridge (tēth’rĭj’) n. The ridge of gum behind the upper front teeth.

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