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Tegmental decussation

tegmental decussation n.

The dorsal tegmental decussation of the left and right tectospinal and tectobulbar tracts, located in the mesencephalon. Also called fountain decussation, Meynert’s decussation.

The ventral tegmental decussation of left and right tracts that control flexor muscle tone, located in the mesencephalon. Also called Forel’s decussation, rubrospinal decussation.


Read Also:

  • Tegmental nucleus

    tegmental nucleus n. Either of two small round cell groups in the caudal part of the midbrain, associated with the mamillary body via the mamillary peduncle and mamillotegmental tract.

  • Tegmental syndrome

    tegmental syndrome n. A syndrome characterized by hemiplegia and paresis or paraylsis of the eye muscles and caused by a lesion in the tegmentum of the mesencephalon.

  • Tegmentum

    tegmentum teg·men·tum (těg-měn’təm) n. pl. teg·men·ta (-tə) See tegmen. The mesencephalic tegmentum. teg·men’tal adj.

  • Tegmentum of rhombencephalon

    tegmentum of rhombencephalon n. The portion of the pons and the medulla oblongata continuous with the mesencephalic tegmentum.

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