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hill of salt, a place in Babylon from which the Jews returned (id.).


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    /tel’net/ 1. The Internet standard protocol for remote login. Runs on top of TCP/IP. Defined in STD 8, RFC 854 and extended with options by many other RFCs. Unix BSD networking software includes a program, telnet, which uses the protocol and acts as a terminal emulator for the remote login session. Sometimes abbreviated to TN. […]

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    1. variant of tele-1 : telodynamic. 1. variant of tele-2 : telophase. combining form 1. complete; final; perfect: telophase 2. end; at the end: telencephalon telo- or tel- pref. End: telophase.

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    communications, protocol (TAP, or “IXO”, “PET”) A protocol for submitting requests to a pager service. IXO/TAP is an ASCII-based, half-duplex protocol that allows the submission of a numeric or alphanumeric message. Examples, protocol description, clarifications (ftp://mirror.lcs.mit.edu/telecom-archives/technical). See also RFC 1568. (1996-04-07)

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