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Telangiectatic fibroma

telangiectatic fibroma n.
A benign neoplasm of fibrous tissue having numerous, frequently dilated, vascular channels. Also called angiofibroma.


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  • Telangiectatic osteogenic sarcoma

    telangiectatic osteogenic sarcoma n. A cystic form of osteogenic sarcoma in which aneurysmal blood-filled spaces are lined with sarcoma cells that produce osteoid.

  • Telangiectatic wart

    telangiectatic wart n. See angiokeratoma.

  • Telangiosis

    telangiosis tel·an·gi·o·sis (těl-ān’jē-ō’sĭs) n. Disease of the capillaries and terminal arterioles.

  • Telanthropus

    [tuh-lan-thruh-puh s, tel-an-throh-puh s] /təˈlæn θrə pəs, ˌtɛl ænˈθroʊ pəs/ noun 1. a genus of fossil hominids, known from two fragmentary lower jaws found in the region of Swartkrans, near Johannesburg, South Africa.

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